1st contest organised, win some merch!

What about winning a Totes bag, a patch, a keychain and and a War Eternal cd?

Share this picture on your social networks!

Don t forget to follow us there, and to tag us to join the contest! Join the White-Gluz Legion

Instagram: @alissawhitegluz_fanclub

Facebook: Alissa White-Gluz FanClub

The winner will be anounced on the 25th of june

Take a chance!


About Maryline

Music Addict: - Social networks and promo for the Night Flight Orchestra ( Classic rock/AOR band with Björn from Soilwork, and Sharlee from Arch Enemy ) based in Sweden - Social networks for Magnitude 10 ( instrumental metal/djent ) based in the UK - Indiscipline: Promo ( power trio metal ) based in Brazil - Nervosa Militia: Official fanclub and Street Team for Nervosa ( trash metal band based in Brazil ) - Team Hurricane: Official fanclub and Street Team for Nita Strauss ( guitarist for Alice Cooper and solo artist, based in the USA ) - Beastlings Legion - Alissa White Gluz Fanclub and Street Team Anything music related
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