Interview of Alissa White-Gluz ( english version )

Co Interview of Alissa by Beastlings – Alissa White-Gluz Legion and Arch Enemy France

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– Alissa, in a recent interview with Angela, she talks about managing your solo project, how did this project came up? and what s Angela s role in it?

Angela is the manager of ALISSA, the same way she is the manager of Arch Enemy. It was Angela’s idea that I create some music on my own in between Arch Enemy albums since she knows me and knows I can’t sit still for too long!

– What s the project name? Alissa White-Gluz or another specific name?

It is called ALISSA

– In the past you used to write most of the lyrics for The Agonist, with Arch Enemy you arrived in an already formed band with a huge career behind, do you have a need of express yourself more?

I feel very fulfilled with Arch Enemy both musically and personally. I am really excited to get back to creating music on my own again though! ALISSA is not a project I am doing to fulfill a need, its something I am doing simply because I want to. I can express the parts of me that don’t necessarily line up with Arch Enemy, like clean singing.

– When did you started working on this new project?

I started working on this concept earlier this year, it is brand new! 

– What kind of music can we expect?

I still love heavy, fast music, but I also like music that is softer because of the emotion and mood behind it. I just want to make convincing, timeless, powerful music.

– Will you in sing in french on some tracks?

Probably not, maybe a few words here or there like I have in the past. I actually find it difficult to sing in french!

– Your relationship with Doyle is really popular on the social networks, and with this Doylissa mania, a lot of Misfits/Doyle fans follow now your carreer  and vica versa, can we expect Doyle to be part of your album? And will you appear on the next Doyle s album?

Doyle will play a big part on my album. He is acting like a collaborative songwriter, guitarist and producer right now, to a certain extent.  I really trust him musically and I’m happy to have such a respected musician be a part of this.

– You join a lot of artists projects such as Delain, Kamelot, Tarja, And Then She Came, etc…. will you have any guests on this album? which artists are part of your solo album?

I have a huge list of guests, they will be announced later! 

– Do you have any tour planned? If yes, where and when?

My Arch Enemy touring has to take priority, but I will definitely tour when I can!

– When the album will be released?


– What are your main influences? Which artists have an impact for you?

I love Brody Dalle, Chris Cornell, Jeff Buckley, Muse, Opeth, Queen and I also get inspired by lots of visual artists.

– Besides vocals, you also play guitar, have you ever thought about playing some acoustic shows?

Yes! I’m not sure if I will do that or not for this album.

– WHen you write lyrics, do you also think about the music while writing?

Yes, or at least about the poetic structure.

– Can you tell us how you write lyrics? Some musicians only write about their life and personal experiences and beliefs, others prefer letting their imagination talk. What about you?

All of the above.  

– You are really close to your fans, and interact a lot with them mainly on instagram, are you anxious to read and hear their reactions about your solo album?

I’m just happy to be able to make more music for them and for myself. 

– It seems that you are always extremely busy, AE takes the most of your time, you play lots of duets for other artists albums, with live shows etc…. Any other projects on the way than this one? is there any artist/band with who you d like to work with?

I would love to do some North American tours with popular american bands like Slayer or Slipknot.

– With this busy schedule, how do you relax?

I never do! I need to learn how to do that!

– What are your expections with this album?

I want to make GREAT songs with GREAT people and nothing less.

– Lately you have recorded the show at the Wacken Festival for a future DVD/BlueRay, and a lot of fans followed the live streaming of it,  can you tell us more about this experience?

It was a lot of fun! We play so many shows and they are all special and important, but this was really cool because we were closing the biggest metal festival in the world and my friends and family were able to watch it live. 

– During the press conference, you revealed that you have already composed 7-8 tracks of the future AE album, do you already have a release date planned, and how did you got into the writing process after the success of War Eternal?

The writing process for Arch Enemy relies heavily on Michael, so I’m always excited when he tells me he is getting inspired. The album will be released in 2017 as well.

– Something that you would like to add? A message for your fans?

Thank you for the support and the love. I’m truly grateful and look forward to many more years with all of you!

Thanks for taking the time to answer us 🙂

Maryline from Beastlings – Alissa White-Gluz Legion and Frédéric from Arch Enemy France

Arch Enemy France facebook page

Beastlings – Alissa White-Gluz Legion facebook page

Alissa White-Gluz official facebook page

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