Alissa White- Gluz is a vocalist and activist best known for her wildly diverse vocal abilities and intelligent lyrics. Excelling at eccentricity, Alissa’s vocals are at times reminiscent of Morbid Angel, other times Iron Maiden and yet other times Marilyn Manson. Not to mention she may be the only vocalist to ever release a completely a capella cover of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

Alissa first made an impact on the local Montreal metal scene when founding one of her first bands, The Agonist, at the age of 19 in 2004. Alissa quickly established herself as an inspiration to many fans and fellow musicians alike, delivering passionate performances in studio and on stage all around the world. As the creative force behind the songs, lyrics, visuals and marketing of her band, Alissa cranked out three albums of her own and appeared as a featured guest on many others. Most notably, Alissa has been a guest vocalist with legendary power metal band, Kamelot, since 2011, where she further displays her versatility and mastery of performance.

Proof that a strong work ethic and dedication are essential, Alissa’s unique talents quickly caught the eye of one of her biggest inspirations, Angela Gossow, who would eventually hand-pick Alissa to be her predecessor. Now, in 2014, Alissa is proud to carry the torch and join forces with her long-time favourite band – none other than the almighty Arch Enemy. Alissa states; “The creative chemistry in Arch Enemy is undeniable and the songs prove just that. Plus, with Angela still managing the band, the Arch Enemy team is one strong force I’m honoured and happy to be a part of! Unstoppable!”

Alissa has also dedicated the past 15 years of her life to activist work in human rights, animal rights and environmental protection. Having studied the field and worked with several non profit organizations, from smaller outfits to large, internationally recognized charities, Alissa has participated in many campaigns to help bring educational and health services to Africa, to ban the seal hunt in Canada and has been the face of multiple awareness campaigns. Alissa adds, “Art without passion is empty. Metal is such an amazing outlet for passionate fans and musicians alike. My passion has always been equality among races, genders and species (etc). There is a lot of wrong in world. Rather than complaining about it, I don’t see why we shouldn’t all DO something about it. It is this fire that fuels everything I do, especially my music.”

Now a recognized face for women in metal, this outspoken young woman is sure to leave your ears, eyes and brain wanting more. Get ready for Arch Enemy’s War Eternal!


( Biography taken on Alissa s official facebook page)